MPLS SMP Negeri 1 Karangsambung

SMP N 1 Karangsambung organized the school environment exposure on July 17th-18th 2023 that followed by 256 new students as the participant. They came from some basic schools nearby subdistrict of Karangsambung, Kebumen. This event was opened by Mr. Eko Wahyudi, S. Pd. as the deputy of school principal. In his speech, he suggested to the participant in order to follow the program impassioned and orderly. 

As the materials of this program are: History, school's vision and mission, culture and school regulations, character building and also extracurricular activities. The committee of this program, Mr. Eluh  Wardani P. said that all of the new students should follow it until the last day. He also stated that by followed the moment, they expected to grow their characters up as reflection of "Pelajar Pancasila".

Globally, stated by Mr. Wardani this program could be conducted well because of good collaboration among his team. The program was ended on Tuesday 18th July 2023. Most of the participants admited that they was impressed by this event. " We are so happy to follow MPLS in SMP N 1 Karangsambung. It is attractive and so much fun here. We also can meet new friends and new teachers", said them yesterday.

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